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Currys boosts diversity & inclusion with five new policies



Currys plc, the UK’s leading tech retailer, has today introduced five new diversity & inclusion-focused policies. Each of the new policies has been developed in close collaboration with Currys’ National Forum colleagues across the UK. These policies reiterate Currys’ commitment to colleagues, focusing on well-being and inclusivity to help everyone feel that they belong.

The policies being introduced are:

IVF Support

  • Going through IVF can be physically invasive and mentally demanding. Currys is introducing a paid leave provision for those undergoing IVF or fertility treatment. Under the new policy, colleagues undergoing treatment and their partners will be able to attend up to six appointments relating to treatment per transfer cycle. 

Premature Birth Support

  • The purpose is to provide support, recognising that following premature birth there can be a delay in bringing a baby home, which is important time as a family. Therefore, paid premature birth leave – will extend maternity leave by the number of days a baby was born prior to their due date if a baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy
  • Two weeks compassionate leave will also be given for a partner too.

Pregnancy Loss Support

  • To recognise the significant impact pregnancy loss can have on parents, for any colleague affected by a loss, including via surrogate, colleagues and their partners will be entitled to two weeks paid leave.

Gender Reassignment Support

  • The Gender Reassignment Policy has been created to support any colleagues going through gender reassignment with six weeks additional paid leave to support them on their journey.
  • This can be used flexibly, for appointments, surgery and recovery.

Currys is also introducing a new Menopause support policy to improve knowledge and understanding amongst colleagues and managers, and work towards breaking down stigma. It will encourage open conversation between colleagues and managers. It will also provide information on what practical support and reasonable adjustments could look like.

Paula Coughlan, Chief Communications, Sustainability and People Officer at Currys said:

“We want to ensure that colleagues feel supported in times of need, and we are working hard to create a culture where everyone feels they belong.  When you’re going through a challenging time, either personally or as a family, this support can help ease worries around potential loss of income or job security. This is part and parcel of our ongoing commitment to wellbeing and our objective to have highly engaged colleagues and teams. We are committed to being a great place to work, creating a safe and inclusive space where people feel they belong and I am incredibly proud of the work we are doing.”

Sarah Burrows, Currys’ Sales Colleague and Co-Chair of Pride at Currys Committee said:

“As someone who has recent experience of the gender reassignment process, I was honoured to be involved in these new policies. I know first-hand the huge difference it will make. Financially, it’s significant – being able to take time off work without loss of income. It also gives crucial protection, and peace of mind knowing that your job is secure through what can be a long and difficult recovery. From an inclusivity standpoint, it shows that working at Currys, people are supported and allowed to be who they want to be. I think it’s a really progressive policy, because it considers far more than just the financial support element. The guides for managers around wellbeing and support, as well as education are all so important in supporting a truly inclusive working environment.”

Currys’ colleagues can also find a wealth of support via its wellbeing channels, such as the Champion Health App, its Employee Assistance Programme, Wellbeing Corner, and Currys’ Mental Health First Aiders and Champions.

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