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Cultural issues ‘largely underestimated’ in workplaces: report



Only 30% of professionals surveyed say their organization prioritizes fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment, found the Arbinger Institute.

And only 28% say that their company prioritizes the development of engaged and accountable employees. And while only 21% rate communication/collaboration at their organization as excellent, the professionals working for organizations that do prioritize engagement and accountability are nearly 5x more likely to rate communications and collaboration as excellent than all others.

Organisations that prioritise inclusivity are also more likely to have professionals who rate their company innovation as excellent.

“Our survey shows that professionals who are most satisfied with their company culture are 6x more likely to rate their company’s efficiency as excellent,” said Mitch Warner, managing partner of the Arbinger Institute, in a statement.

“By focusing on culture, companies can more easily hire and retain the right talent, mitigate performance-related issues, and ultimately maximise success.”

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