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‘Corporate cringe’: Office-return video draws flak online



‘Your manager will be in touch’

According to the video, the company has been slow in getting some people back in some places, but this is “about to change.”

“Your manager will be in touch with you shortly about how this will be implemented and tracked,” Tokeshi said.

Frisco reappeared by the end of the video telling employees that they are no longer negotiating with their office return.

“We aren’t asking or negotiating at this point, we’re informing of how we need to work together going forward,” the CEO said. “It’s again for the simple reason that great companies are built by great people working together and seeing each other eye to eye and tackling the big task.”

Towards the end of the video, a screen recording of an employee being alone in a video meeting was shown with the words: “No one else is here. Everyone is in person now!”

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