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‘Completely unmanageable’: Helping managers deal with impossible workloads



  • Understand their own strengths and development areas.
  • Participate in “manager simulation programs” before taking the job.
  • Choose to opt out of the management training program and remain in an individual contributor role without a loss in pay or respect.

Most organizations could be looking at potential managerial candidates based on their performance as individual contributors, according to Cassell, who said this is not a guaranteed predictor.

“Pushing high performing individual contributors into management by default can lead to employees who aren’t interested in management becoming managers,” Cassell said.

It is also important that organizations help their managers build long-term habits to drive effective behaviours instead of simply focusing on skills proficiency, according to Gartner.

Organizations should also minimise process hurdles – such as dated onboarding processes and complex budget approvals processes – that are hiking manager fatigue by up to 42%, according to Gartner

“Managers are 1.4 times more likely to find their jobs manageable when their organizations take steps to minimise process hurdles that take managers’ attention away from their core people management responsibilities,” Basu said.

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