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CEOs hiring, firing and redeploying due to generative AI



“It means two out of three CEOs are acting without a clear view of how to help their workforce with the disruption and inevitable transitions AI will bring,” the report said. “This is among the most disquieting findings from our analysis.”

According to the report, 36% of CEOs are planning to make an assessment of AI’s workforce impact in the next 12 months.

Still, the report said the situation needs to be monitored, because while CEOs are ready to adopt generative AI, only 30% of non-CEO senior executives said their organisation is ready for it responsibly.

Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia, urged fellow executives to engage with their team when it comes to decision-making.

“Before making an important decision, I try to confirm if my view is correct. And I try to share what is going into the decision in case my team has doubts or some different ideas,” he said in the report.

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