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Canada Goose CHRO: ‘We’re all humans – I want to ensure that we lead with humanity’



Meanwhile, Johannson had the recent opportunity to join Canada Goose’s entire executive leadership team in working as retail brand ambassadors across their global fleet of stores. This was part of a new brand initiative aimed at deepening connections with their customers and teams, while gaining firsthand insights to help refine their ongoing retail expansion strategy.

Aligned to the various steps of the brand’s “Canadian Warmth” journey, Johannson was able to spend time with employees and collaborate in real-time on how they bring this experience to life – from initial engagement to customer interaction and purchase through to ongoing relationship building. Johannson reflects on Canada Goose’s unique culture and leadership’s emphasis on the importance of hiring people, not just employees.

This ethos extends to the workplace, where fostering a collaborative and supportive environment is paramount and aligns seamlessly with the brand’s promise to consumers.

“Our brand promise to consumers is to inspire and enable all people to thrive in the world outside,” says Johannson. “Empowering them to live in the open – both physically and mentally.”

‘The process for me needed to add value’

When it comes to challenges, Johannson focuses on opportunities for positive growth and transformation, particularly in the realm of performance reviews. She was dissatisfied with the traditional process, where employees spent hours detailing their achievements against set goals. While she found engagement was high, she felt there was an opportunity to add a more tangible value to the review process. 

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