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California consults on plans to amend indoor heat regulation



“The cool-down area shall be at least large enough to accommodate the number of employees on recovery or rest periods, so that they can sit in a normal posture fully in the cool-down areas without having to be in physical contact with each other. The cool-down area shall be located as close as practicable to the areas where employees are working.”

The temperature in indoor cool-down areas shall be maintained at less than 82 degrees Fahrenheit, unless the employer demonstrates it is not feasible.

The section also requires employers to allow workers time for cool down rest.

The Cal/OSHA board recently accepted comments on the proposal and also announced this week that it will be conducting proactive high-heat inspections at certain worksites.

Emergency procedures around heat illness

Employers must also ensure that effective emergency procedures are in place. They must maintain effective communication by voice, observation, or electronic means so that employees at the worksite can contact a supervisor or emergency medical services when necessary. They must also respond to signs and symptoms of possible heat illness, by providing first aid measures and emergency medical services, among others.

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