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Burnout among top business risks predicted for 2024



“Crisis management teams have been running consistently since Covid, creating a real risk of burn-out in this critical function.

Top 5 risk for 2024

International SOS outlined the top five risks anticipated for business in 2024.

Running on empty: Organizations face a tangible risk of employee burn-out, given ongoing stressors and disruptions, with stress-related absences on the rise. Surveyed respondents express concerns about the perceived risk level for the next 12 months, recording the highest ever at 65%. The report notes a surge in crisis management fatigue beyond pre-pandemic levels.

Climate crisis: One in four organizations reports operational impacts from events attributed to climate change. Extreme weather events rank as the second-largest category of alerts, emphasizing the vulnerability of organizations. About half of the respondents acknowledge not factoring climate change into their health and security plans, highlighting potential risks to businesses.

Global instability deepens: Geopolitical tensions, including the crisis in Israel and Gaza and the conflict in Ukraine, contribute to global instability. Three out of four respondents believe their organizations will face significant impacts due to civil and social unrest, political instability, and ongoing geopolitical tensions.

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