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Best of HR books: March 2023



We delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

Leading in a Non-Linear World

Author: Jean Gomes

Publisher: Wiley

Price: £18.99

The past few years have been characterised by significant changes to society, work, and the global economy. Leading in a Non-linear World promises to provide a set of science-based strategies to allow professionals to surmount or successfully circumnavigate the problems that life throws in their path.


Move: Where People are Going for a Better Future

Author: Parag Khanna

Publisher: Scribner

Price: £18.99

The latest in Khanna’s ‘Move’ series, this book examines global migration patterns and what will happen as climate change hits a crisis point, governments destabilise, and technology disrupts existing patterns. It maps a vital issue for the coming years, especially for Western nations with ageing populations and skills gaps.


Coaching Outdoors

Author: Lesley Roberts

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing

Price: £24.99

Roberts’ unorthodox manual offers a guide to combining nature and the outdoors, something we are increasingly told is important for mental health, with the leadership art of coaching. Combining practical advice with case studies and research, Coaching Outdoors may yet prove nature’s place in modern business.


Scary Smart

Author: Mo Gawdat

Publisher: Bluebird

Price: £9.99

Artificial intelligence has captured the imagination of business by promising to be the next great industrial revolution. It has, however, united sceptics in blame over its tendency to replicate and magnify its creators’ errors and biases. In Scary Smart, Gawdat offers a blueprint for safeguarding ourselves and our planet against the damage it might cause.


The Bezos Blueprint

Author: Carmine Gallo

Publisher: Macmillan

Price: £20.00

Ever wondered how Jeff Bezos created his empire? In The Bezos Blueprint, Gallo examines the communication strategies that helped to build the biggest brand in the world. By assessing more than 20 years of Bezos’ letters, Gallo offers an in-depth look at the tools one needs to build in business.


How Not to F*ck Up Your Startup

Author: Tom Fairey

Publisher: Little, Brown

Price: £14.99

Getting a business idea off the ground can be a daunting prospect – for good reason. Fairey’s book, however, promises to help smooth the road for prospective start-ups. Discussing common mistakes, unfair advantages (and how to exploit them), and brand-building, How Not to F*ck Up Your Startup distils the mistakes of those who have gone before into practical advice.


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