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Best of HR books: August 2023



The latest book releases for HR.

Author: Marce Fernández

Publisher: LID Publishing

Price: £14.99

Business books often try to form habits in their readers. In The Wrong Manager, Marce Fernández seeks to cut habits out and fix bad management styles. Key among his lessons is to treat each manager as a highly capable individual – with their own methods and reasonings.


Energy Rising

Author: Julia DiGangi

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Price: £23.75

One of philosophy’s oldest discussions is how to put emotions to one side in favour of rationality. Neuropsychologist Julia DiGangi, however, believes that emotions should be harnessed as a powerful part of leadership. She sets out eight tenets in Energy Rising to help leaders take control of their emotional energy.


Human Force

Author: Natalie Boudou

Publisher: Rethink Press

Price: £16.99

Human Force focuses on the power emotions have over teams and cultures. Natalie Boudou’s book hopes to provide a practical guide to analysing emotional intelligence, developing empathy, and holding difficult conversations, all while building a cohesive and connected team culture.


Rising Together

Author: Sally Helgesen

Publisher: Hachette Go

Price: £25

Diving into three decades of work with leaders around the world, Sally Helgesen looks at how people can build a diverse network of peers. First identifying eight triggers likely to undermine collaboration, she then offers simple behavioural tweaks to help build meaningful professional bonds.


Anatomy of a Breakthrough

Author: Adam Alter

Publisher: Heligo Books

Price: £14.99

Everyone gets stuck now and again. It’s breaking through that is the issue. Adam Alter claims a proven plan to get through these pressure points and make it to the other side. Joining research-based discussion with anecdotes and insight, Anatomy of a Breakthrough aims to de-stress the pre-breakthrough turmoil.


The Power of Conflict

Author: Jon Taffer

Publisher: HarperCollins

Price: £12.99

Jon Taffer, star of the drama-packed reality TV show Bar Rescue, is no stranger to conflict in the workplace, often embracing confrontation to save failing venues. In this book, he looks to persuade the reader that purposeful conflict can be constructive in getting to the bottom of issues.


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