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A guide on the best HR software for small businesses



“UKG has a rich history of responsibly using AI across our human capital management (HCM) and workforce management solutions in service of people, including AI-powered analytics, sentiment analysis, real-time recommendations, proactive reminders, long-range forecasting, and payroll anomaly detection,” he explained.

UKG is another five-star awardee of HRD’s Best HR Software and Technology Providers, winning in four categories – employee recognition, HRIS solutions, payroll solutions, and recruitment software.

Conrad shared that the company has started using generative AI (GenAI) to grow and evolve the firm’s product offerings.

“GenAI is a tremendously powerful tool that can change how people go about doing virtually anything, including analyzing information and insights at work,” he said. “We spent three months expanding our work in GenAI to understand how we can leverage it most effectively in service of people.”

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