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8 in 10 execs admit data would have helped return-to-office policies



“For those that transitioned to remote work during the pandemic, this means updating policies to require regular onsite attendance,” the report said.

With those measures, employers would be able to capture workplace data that would help improve their decision making when it comes to office return.

“The result: a better work environment for employees, more efficient spend for employers, more collaboration and productivity, and, ultimately, better business outcomes,” the report said.

In fact, the respondents said being able to pull workplace data reports would make them more equipped to:

  • Measure the success of workplace strategies (73%)
  • Improve layout and space onsite (66%)
  • Measure the success of in-office policy (57%)
  • Plan onsite amenities (52%)
  • Make real estate investment decisions (49%)
  • Prepare for audits (47%)

“So, by creating a space where employees want to work, companies can ensure the survival of the physical workplace and reap its many benefits,” the report said.

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