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7 HR and Leadership Lasso-Inspired Lessons



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7 HR and Leadership Lasso-Inspired Lessons

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I watched the series “Ted Lasso” because I had so many conversations about HR and leadership when someone would quote the star, Ted Lasso. 

Lasso apparently had a quirky way of leading a sports team. And I admit, I thought he was a real person on reality TV until I finally binge watched the already-finished series! 

Watching the series, I was not thinking about HR and leadership or really anything other than the universe the show brought me into. But the messages were so clear and consistent they should be known to everyone in a leadership or a people/HR role — even if you never watch the show.

HR and Leadership Lessons for Everyone

Whether you know Lasso or not, the HR and leadership lessons are for everyone.

A show about an American college football coach managing a soccer team in the English Premier League, “Ted Lasso,” offers a surprising amount of wisdom for the world of HR.

Here are some key takeaways that translate directly to the HR professional’s toolbox.

Actively Listen

Be a master listener. Pay close attention to your team members’ concerns and ideas. HR and leaders should actively listen to employee grievances, suggestions, and feedback during performance reviews or one-on-one meetings.

This builds trust and relationships while demonstrating that the company values its employees’ voices.  Culture will benefit from an environment that practices active listening, giving your attention and turning it into engagement and improvements.

Lead With Positivity

By exhibiting unwavering optimism and belief in his team, Ted creates a positive and motivating work environment. HR can use similar tactics by fostering a culture of appreciation, recognition, and open communication.

This keeps employees engaged and morale high.  Even in the face of business challenges, you can reframe and reclassify challenges as opportunities.  You can acknowledge and address concerns and not shy away from the difficult.  Communication and collaboration can still be a motivator to reach solutions.

‘Be Curious, Not Judgmental’

This quote perfectly encapsulates a crucial HR approach to investigations. Instead of jumping to conclusions, maintain a neutral and inquisitive stance to gather all the facts before reaching a decision. 

Examine all the data, ask all your questions, and focus on removing all bias to reach a fair and objective conclusion.

Embrace Vulnerability

Ted shows his emotions and asks for help. This vulnerability creates a safe space for his team to do the same. HR can use this approach by normalizing open communication about mental health and offering resources for employee well-being. 

It takes courage to admit weaknesses, fears or insecurities as it can make you feel exposed, but it can lead to deeper connections with others. The person who crosses the bridge to that vulnerability shows empathy, and this action can aid resolutions and security.

Celebrate Differences

To recognize and appreciate the unique strengths and experiences each member of your team brings is an asset. HR can create a culture of inclusion by celebrating diversity, fostering collaboration between different departments, and promoting equal opportunities for everyone. 

In HR, fairness is about providing equal opportunities for all, not necessarily about identical treatment. And welcoming everyone is always a best practice.

Focus on Growth

Always look for ways to help your teams improve. Offer ongoing training and development opportunities for employees to empower them with new skills and keep them engaged in their roles.  As a leader, you can mentor by making yourself available as a resource to others as well.

Building Trust

Ted prioritizes building trust with everyone he interacts with. HR can do the same by being transparent in their communication, following through on promises, and acting with integrity.  Taking accountability goes a long way as well.  Acknowledge the good and the bad and always treat others with respect, regardless of their position.


Finally, there is the single word motto of Ted’s philosophy, “Believe.”  Believe in others, believe in yourself, but believe that by incorporating these “Ted Lasso”-inspired lessons, HR and leadership professionals can create a more positive, productive, and successful work environments by acting with transparency and consistency.

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