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5 ways to build a thriving work culture for hybrid teams 



Many firms are still approaching the idea of a full-time office mandate with caution – as a recent Deloitte survey found that around three quarters of millennial and Gen Z workers would consider finding a new role if they were asked to go into the office 5 days a week. For many companies, hybrid working provides the perfect happy medium, but there’s no doubt that without making an effort to cultivate a thriving work culture for everyone, the hybrid model risks some employees becoming disengaged and disconnected. In light of this, – leading events marketplace which matches event organisers with the country’s most unique independent vendors – has rounded up how to make the most of those all-important office days. 

1. Recognise achievements and celebrate each individual 

Research from McKinsey has found that up to 55% of employee engagement is driven by non-financial recognition. A great way to make the most of having everyone together in the office is to organise a regular mini-social that celebrates your team’s achievements, however ‘small’. This could be as simple as incorporating an ‘achievement of the week’ section into your town hall meeting. Make things special by combining your shout-out session with a free lunch, or maybe a few drinks on the house at the end of a busy week. 

2. Elevate your office with in-work perks 

Heading into the office shouldn’t have to feel like a chore. So while there’s only so much you can do to alleviate the effort of the commute itself, there are plenty of perks you can bring into the workplace to make in-office days something for everyone to look forward to. Help to offset some of the common costs associated with travelling to work by laying on free coffee and pastries for your team. 

3. Adapt your schedule for in-office days 

Make the most of your team being together by scheduling meetings and collaborative activities for when you’re in the office. This might mean mandating people to come in on specific days of the week, but this kind of forward planning pays off when it comes to fostering a thriving workplace culture. Just make sure that every member of your team feels as consulted as possible when it comes to choosing the days you spend in the office – flexibility and a focus on work/life balance are a priority of over half of the country’s workforce.

4. Give everybody their time to shine

Another way to maximise your in-office time is to incorporate things like training sessions and professional development into your schedule. A great way to do this is to introduce a company-sharing lunch slot, where employees from around the company can sign up to present (or bring in a speaker) on the topic of their choice.

And it doesn’t necessarily need to be work-related – topics could include anything from marketing to Minecraft. The important thing is that everyone gets a chance to hone their public speaking skills, and the business is treated to an informative session that helps everyone get to know the speaker a little better.

5. Get creative with your workplace socials

With 45% of people ranking workplace culture as the number one factor in whether they take a new job, it’s clear that it really pays to invest in the social side of the workplace. With the boundaries between work and home life blurring more and more, office socials are a big part of many employees’ social lives – which means people are looking for more than a few beers and a limp pizza at the end of the week.

Opt for socials that create a buzz around the office on in-work days. A great option for this is to host a ‘happy hour’ towards the end of the week, where employees can wind down in the office without having to commit to a whole evening out. 

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