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30,000 out of work as shipping firm Yellow ceases operations



On July 19, however, Yellow announced that Teamsters publicly claimed that the union may strike at the company over its failure to make its July contribution to Central States pension and health and welfare funds.

The employer claimed that a strike “would be anything but lawful, as it would violate the parties’ collective bargaining agreement”. In June, Yellow wrote to the funds, requesting a short-term deferral of its obligation to pay contributions for two months, July and August, with interest, the company said.

Yellow blamed Teamsters for putting the jobs of the 30,000 Yellow employees in danger.

“For many months, Teamsters’ leadership has steadfastly refused to negotiate the company’s long-planned and necessary modernization effort that would enable Yellow, a 100-year-old company, to streamline and strengthen its operations to compete against non-union carriers.”

Yellow is seeking to recover more than $1.5 billion in lost enterprise value, allegedly caused by the Teamsters, and it intends to continue with its breach of contract case against the union.

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