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3 in 4 HR leaders finding it hard to bring back staff onsite



What can HR do?

To balance organisational and workforce demands on where to work, the report found that 68% of HR leaders are considering or implementing talent strategies to increase on-site work. These strategies include:

  • Team building and celebratory events (62%)
  • Flexible days or hours (59%)
  • Relaxed casual dress code (56%)

Robin Erickson, PhD, Vice President of Human Capital, The Conference Board, said hybrid work is “likely the solution” to this dilemma.

“These survey results make clear, offering hybrid work is a critical tool in the toolkit for attracting and retaining workers, especially amid a strong labour market that continues to defy expectations,” Erickson said in a statement.

Previous research has also encouraged employers to ensure that their office return strategies would make coming back “commute-worthy.”

“Companies are offering more perks and increasing compensation to entice workers back to the office. But they need to make coming to the office more purposeful and ‘commute-worthy,” said Jeanne Meister, Executive VP, Executive Networks.

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