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3 in 4 firms eyeing generative AI bans on work devices



Missing out on AI benefits?

Despite the widespread consideration and implementation of restrictions, the report also found that respondents recognise the following benefits of AI applications at work:

  • Increased efficiency (55%)
  • Boost to innovation (52%)
  • Enhanced creativity (51%)

Another 81% said using generative AI tools could be useful in cybersecurity defence, according to the report.

Restricting ChatGPT and other generative AI apps could make organisations miss out on their benefits, said Shishir Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity, at BlackBerry.

“Banning generative AI applications in the workplace can mean a wealth of potential business benefits are quashed,” Singh said in a media release.

“As platforms mature and regulations take effect, flexibility could be introduced into organizational policies. The key will be in having the right tools in place for visibility, monitoring and management of applications used in the workplace.”

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