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3 in 4 employees worldwide now use AI: report



The lack of guidance also leaves more than half of employees feeling reluctant in admitting that they use AI for their important tasks (52%) and making them worried that using it on important task will make them look replaceable (53%).

“This approach means missing out on the benefits that come from strategic AI use at scale,” the report read. “It also puts company data at risk in an environment where leaders’ #1 concern for the year ahead is cybersecurity and data privacy.”

Karim Lakhani, Chair, Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard, said that the world is now at the “forefront of integrating AI to not just work faster, but to work smarter.”

“It’s our responsibility as organisational leaders to ensure that this technology elevates our teams’ creativity and aligns with our ethical values,” Lakhani said in the report.

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