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20% of professionals think ChatGPT should be banned at work



As generative artificial intelligence technologies and language learning models such as ChatGPT become more widespread and adopted in the workplace, some professionals are expressing concerns and suggesting precautions at work, according to a June 14 report from Glassdoor.

In a survey of 9,305 U.S. professionals, 80% opposed a ban or restriction on ChatGPT at their workplace, but 20% said there should be some type of ban or access restriction.

“Not surprisingly, only 17% of professionals aged 21-25 support a ban, compared to 28% of professionals aged 45+, showing generational differences when it comes to accepting AI,” the Glassdoor Economic Research Team wrote.

The opinions seemed to vary across industries as well. Professionals in advertising (87%), marketing (87%), consulting (84%), and healthcare (83%) were most likely to oppose company bans or restrictions on ChatGPT access.

On the other hand, 32% of law professionals said they would support their workplaces halting access.

For HR professionals, AI tools continue to pose many questions, particularly around talent acquisition practices, ethical issues and diverse hiring setbacks. 

Generative AI appears to be a big player in the HR space this year, especially with Microsoft, IBM, and Google Cloud announcing separate automated tools that can help create job posts, identify and contact candidates, and generate learning programs for employees.

Still, some have cautioned against potential negative effects like bias. Earlier this year, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission voiced concerns about AI technology’s swift adoption and committed to a goal of “protecting fundamental civil rights” and fighting against potential discrimination.

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