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2 in 5 employees working extra hours due to cost-of-living crisis



As a result of these challenges, 79% said they had to cut down on household spending, while 26% said they had to take time off work because of stress.

These findings indicate that employees are still in the grip of an “incredibly challenging cost-of-living crisis,” according to Ciphr chief people officer Claire Williams.

“For many people, increases to their living costs doesn’t only mean a reduction in their disposable income, but it also affects their ability to keep on top of bills, pay for childcare, fill up the car with petrol, put the heating on, pay the rent or mortgage, or buy food. This can cause a huge amount of stress and anxiety, which can in turn impact health and wellbeing,” she said in a statement.

Workplace impact

The challenges faced by employees are also changing their needs and behaviour in the workplace. In the past six months, the respondents said they had to take on the following measures:

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